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We sell used cars and since even brand new cars can go wrong, so can used cars.

We do not knowingly sell vehicles with any kind of faults that have not been pointed out – as we hope you will appreciate when you read the descriptions of the cars.   However, we are not infallible and may get things wrong or not notice or even forget something.  And, occasionally, problems may strike 'out of the blue' so even a recent car with full service history, a new MOT etc. may go wrong.

We are confident in the cars we sell.   While most traders pass the onus onto mechanical insurance companies (for which you will normally pay a considerable premium) all our vehicles are supplied with Level 1 warranty for a period of 3 months from the date of sale (or 3000 miles whichever comes first) unless stated to the contrary. 

Any guarantees are, of course,  offered in addition to your statutory rights.

For an additional separately negotiable fee, you can purchase a longer warranty or one providing a different level of cover.

Level 1 – basic engine/transmission mechanicals

Level 2 – basic engine/transmission mechanicals, head gaskets, basic electrical components, exhausts, brakes etc.

Level 3 – pretty much everything except basic consumables (tyres, brake pads, wiper blades etc.)

Please click on the links to check what is and is not covered.   Prices on application.

Trade Sales

If you declare yourself to be a car trader, a greater discount can be given for a 'trade' sale but you have to realise that under a trade sale you have no consumer rights.     The car is 'sold for spares'.   You buy the car in the same way that I buy cars i.e. with no come back whatsoever once the car is driven away.

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