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Warranty Level 1

                                                                     Halcyon Motors Ltd.  Warranty  Level 1


This warranty does not affect the normal legal rights of the purchaser.


Cost £10 pcm (min 6 month/6000 miles)


The following components and no others are covered:

Engine:  Rocker assembly including hydraulic followers, inlet and exhaust valves (Excluding burnt valves), springs and guides, cylinder head (Excluding de-coking, cracks or gasket failure), push rods, camshaft and followers, timing gears and chains (excluding belts, see below), oil pump (but NOT subsequent damage), pistons and rings, cylinder bores, con rods, gudgeon pins and bearings, crankshaft and bearings, inlet manifold, flywheel (excluding dual mass flywheels) and ring gear. Excluding normal wear and tear for a vehicle of the mileage as sold and any damage caused by failure of cambelt unless fitted by Halcyon Motors or neglect e.g. lack of oil or coolant, ignoring warning signs etc.

Gearbox: Failure of the following internal mechanical parts; Gears, synchromesh hubs, selectors, shafts, bearings and bushes, and transfer gears. Excluding oil-seals.   Motorcycles does not include final drive chain or sprockets.

 NB  Automatic gearboxes excluded from Level 1 unless vehicle is less than 10 y.o. and has done less than 60,000 miles.

Clutch: Mechanical breakdown (i.e. excluding wear) of the centre plate, pressure plate, release bearing (failure not noise), oil contamination (serious clutch judder), master and slave cylinders.  NB  Dual mass flywheels excluded


Halcyon Motors Ltd. will be responsible for the cost of any repairs to an upper limit of £250 at the garage of Halcyon Motors’ choosing (not including transportation of vehicle) with a maximum of three claims within the warranty period.  The purchaser is responsible for the first £100 of any claim and must contact Halcyon Motors, if practically possible, at the earliest opportunity and before any work is done; failure to do so will invalidate any claim.


If you want to have a higher level of cover, please see the other options available. Level2 or Level3


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