halcyon motors 

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Who are we?

Halcyon Motors was first established in 1999 when my previous employer (Barclays Bank) were making redundancies. I have been enjoying myself ever since!  I used to work in their IT department – though you wouldn’t guess it from looking at this website.  It was one of the first car websites on line and it hasn’t changed much since it was first uploaded!   But it does exactly what I want it to do – and I doubt you’ll find a quicker site to download.

Keeping the business small enables it to be flexible and adapt to the current market.  We have an excellent reputation locally both for buying and selling cars, motorbikes, motorhomes etc.    

Why Halcyon Motors?

The word halcyon is most commonly used in the term "halcyon days" - meaning a happy carefree time of life and, less commonly, a fortnight of calm weather during the winter solstice.  The word originates from the Greek word for the kingfisher which was reputed to calm the sea!

The dictionary gives it the following meanings: happy, carefree, peaceful, gentle, calm and prosperous - adjectives which, I hope, will apply both to your dealings with us and to our dealings with you!



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